During the winter we are busy planting, pruning and mulching, we also give the roses a winter fertilizer to invigorate them for spring.

We fertilize again in late spring and then for the next six months don't really come up for air. Picking, sorting, taking orders, deadheading, summer fertilizing, weeding, watering, always ensuring the plants and blooms are well nurtured.

Being field grown roses, our flowers are all grown as nature intended; slowly, giving each the time to develop naturally, creating large blooms rich with colour and scent. Nature takes its time to grow 'real roses', and it's worth the wait.

My aim at Soho Rose Farm is to provide the florists with the real thing; beautiful roses that they can create masterpieces with. Roses that we remember from our grandparents gardens, roses full of scent, vibrant with colour and with the most beautiful textures. We have thousands of plants out braving the elements, being nurtured on a daily basis to provide us with beautiful blooms. 

Picking starts generally in late October, and continues until May, as we do not have any hothouses, we are obviously dependent on what the weather brings us.

The bulk of our blooms go straight to the Melbourne Wholesale Market, to our distributor, Dakota Flowers, www.dakotaflowercompany.com.au, where the Melbourne florists do their frenzied buying from 4.30 am 3 days a week. It is advisable to pre-order with me to secure the colours and quantities needed for your special event, we supply the blooms in buckets of 50 stems.


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