Soho Rose Farm's paddocks are located in Dean, Victoria.

We have well drained brown loamy topsoil which is ideal for roses. The roses get mulched not long after the winter prune which helps with weed control, saves water and invigorates the plants over the summer growing season. We have planted our roses a metre apart in rows, so that they get plenty of air circulation and space to thrive.

During the winter we are busy planting and pruning. Before spring arrives we have finished all the pruning and have given the roses a winter fertilizer to invigorate them for the spring growth.

It is much easier to mulch the plants while they are just sticks before the foliage emerges. We mulch with pea straw, and a chicken manure and hardwood mulch mix.

We fertilize again in spring and then for the next six months don't really come up for air. Picking, sorting, taking orders, deadheading, summer fertilizing, weeding, watering, and always ensuring the plants are well nourished.
In autumn we are still picking, but the plants are getting tired by then so another dose of fertilizer sets them up for winter. Luckily we work in a beautiful location with plants that inspire us.