Rose Gallery

The images of the roses in our gallery are provided to give you the best understanding of the nuances of each bloom. Garden roses are a fleeting beauty. Our roses are harvested in the early morning and stored in a cool room until delivery.

Of course, it needs to be noted that not all colour tones and flower head sizes will be exact to the images, at different times of the season roses vary due to temperature and sunlight. We always ensure the highest market quality of roses however some changes in varieties are beyond our control due to the influence of seasonal nature.

Please note that there is no absolute guarantee on garden roses and their availability, as always, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature due to being an outdoor field grown flower.

Jude The Obscure


Summer Song


Spirit of Peace


Abraham Darby

Winchester Cathedral


The Dark Lady

The Claire Rose

The Children’s Rose

The Alnwick Rose

Sweet Juliet

Sharifa Asma

Our Copper Queen

Munstead Wood

Mister Lincoln

Karen Blixen

Just Joey

Julia’s Rose

Jubilee Celebration

Hot Chocolate

Golden Celebration

Full Sail

Fair Bianca




Brother Cadfael

Black Magic

Big Purple