Summer is our busy season, the season for endless work. Early mornings in the paddocks, picking, watching, deadheading, weeding, watering, tending to the bushes at their peak. While there is a lot of fussing if the blazing sun will play havoc with our much loved plants, there is also the constant checking of rain radars for when there will be rain.During the longer days we take moments to enjoy the gratifying abundance we have worked so hard for and enjoy the excitement of the busy.


We continue to consistently work throughout Autumn, our bloom keep endlessly flushing, despite the changing of the seasons. The plants get into their rhythms and our staff have hit their strides. The end of Autumn brings breathtaking sunsets and cooler air;the approaching shift of focus is welcomed.


Early winter brings the glory of the winter roses as well as shorter days, frosts and a different form of busy. Into Winter we are planting, pruning, mulching and taking stock. Everything is at a slower pace, the fire is on and mornings aren’t so early. Late flushes of our heritage roses bloom to remind us of the rewards. A much needed break for the farm begins.


Spring is an awakening on the farm. Buds and foliage grow eagerly appear as the roses come out of their winter hibernation.Anticipation builds for the season ahead. As the days get brighter it seems the roses burst in front of our eyes, filling the paddocks with colour and heady scents.