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About the Farm

 We grow field grown garden roses and seasonal flowers in the heart of our family run working cattle, potato and cropping farm within the Hepburn Springs farming district. It is our intention to grow flowers that create floral magic; nostalgic, evocative varieties that are of the highest market quality standard.

rose farm winter



From Spring to late Autumn, our paddocks of rich volcanic soil burst with garden roses growing just as nature intended; seasonal and intoxicatingly fragrant. Thousands of David Austin and Hybrid Tea rose bushes stand tall waiting to be hand picked in the early morning by our farm staff at their peak perfection. While our paddock of rare heritage roses anticipate their moment to remind us of the ancient beauty in their most pure, naive form. A selection of seasonal flowers are grown each year amongst our family vegetable gardens.




Garden roses are a fleeting beauty. We aspire to educate floral designers on the nuances of the flower while cultivating a greater understanding of the benefits of supporting a local, seasonal flower farming industry.

soho rose farm winter
soho roses farm winter


Our roses are planted in rows in accordance to their growth habits to allow them to thrive as they would in a home garden. We are supported by a sustainable integrated pest management program and irrigation practices. All green waste is composted on-farm.



We are not open to the general public, as the farm is also our home. Special events are occasionally held for florists and friends. 

soho rose spring